Semiconductor Assembly Refurbishment

With over 25 years of experience in the refurbishment of various assemblies, across many manufacturers. Our team are ready to take your assemblies back to there OEM specification, ready for immediate use.

Our Process

Your assemblies will be taken into the strip-down area, where they will be separated into component forms. Then metal parts are bead blasted to ensure no contamination is left on them. The components are then cleaned by hand before going through the pass-through into the clean room, this is where your assemblies will be rebuilt and tested to ensure they are ready to be reinstalled.

What we offer

Our team are able to offer an array of services;

  • One off refurbishment of assemblies
  • Yearly PM work.
  • All work will be subject to customer authorisation and a full report will be provided before any refurbishment is undertaken.

For any further enquires or to send you assembly over for refurbishment please Contact Us.